3awp ingenieros de juego

The field of game engineering, specifically in video game programming or development, is an emerging and innovative career path. UNIAT has pioneered the establishment of a university program dedicated to training expert game programmers, recognizing the growing demand for such professionals in the video game and interactive media industries. As a game programmer, one is essential in creating the interactive experiences between the user and the system, a skill that is highly sought after in today’s technology-driven entertainment landscape.

The curriculum for a degree in video game engineering is comprehensive, covering various subjects that are crucial to becoming a well-rounded professional in the field. Students must master structured and object-oriented programming, data structures, digital modeling, texturing, and animation, as well as understand the video game industry and publication processes. The coursework includes project management and development, game design and level creation, computer graphics programming, as well as fundamental sciences like calculus, linear algebra, vector calculus, classic mechanics, and optics. Specialized topics such as game engines, web and mobile programming, database systems, probability, statistics, discrete mathematics, artificial intelligence, operating systems, assembly language, parallelism, game mechanics, and creativity development are also integral parts of the program.

A degree in video game engineering opens doors to a variety of job opportunities. The salary for a programmer in this field is often correlated with their ability to write coherent, orderly, efficient, and functional code that can be widely applied, which in turn increases demand for such qualified personnel. Graduates can find employment in numerous industries linked to video games, such as interactive systems, simulations, virtual reality, app development, AI, research, advertising, marketing, and augmented reality, among others. This diversity reflects the expansive reach of video game technology and its applications across various sectors.

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