dyrn fda why you should not use baby teething jewelry

The FDA strongly advises against the use of baby teething jewelry like bracelets and necklaces due to safety concerns. These items are often made from amber, wood, marble, or silicone and are marketed as remedies for teething pain. However, not only is there no scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness, but they also pose significant risks. The FDA has received reports of choking incidents and even a tragic case of strangulation associated with these products. Teething jewelry can break, leading to choking hazards, or become a strangulation risk if worn around a baby’s neck, particularly when unsupervised or during sleep.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) aligns with this warning, discouraging any jewelry for infants due to the risk of suffocation, which is a leading cause of death for children under a year old. Instead of teething jewelry, the AAP suggests safer alternatives like chew toys made of plastic or rubber, cold washcloths for numbing, gentle gum massages, or consulting a pediatrician for appropriate medicine. These methods are considered more natural and carry fewer risks compared to unproven and potentially dangerous teething jewelry. It is essential for parents to always supervise their children when using any teething aids and to consult healthcare professionals for advice on managing teething pain.

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