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Gerflor’s 2022 Creation LVT Collection is a luxury vinyl tile range that offers a diverse array of designs and fitting options for various uses and traffic levels. The collection includes four ranges designed to cater to different degrees of traffic, from light to moderate, and five fitting technologies, featuring over 500 color options. This collection is marked by several innovations, including the new ProtecShield surface treatment for enhanced performance against micro-scratches and soiling, and new rigid interlocking offers like Creation Solid Clic and Creation Rigid Acoustic with built-in underlay for comfort.

Sustainability is also a key feature of the 2022 Creation LVT Collection, which is developed according to a product life cycle analysis model and designed with the principles of the circular economy in mind, aiming for a reduced carbon footprint.

The collection’s design themes are inspired by nature and contemporary trends, including the Timeless range featuring classic designs in wood and minerals that suit both modern and classic interiors. The Ultra-Realism trend focuses on hyper-realistic designs that offer both tactile and visual experiences, made possible through Gerflor Design Lab’s selection of woods that ensure synchronicity between the printed design and the surface grain. The Fusion concept introduces original hybrid designs by merging two materials, creating innovative and inspiring new worlds. Lastly, the Vintage trend celebrates older, timeless designs that maintain their appeal over the years.

Together, these innovations and thematic approaches position Gerflor’s 2022 Creation LVT Collection as a comprehensive and forward-thinking choice for architects and specifiers looking for high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions.

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