uiez configurable snap in and out low voltage track lighting system

Slots and Dots is a versatile and customizable low voltage track lighting system by Amerlux that caters to the needs of hospitality, commercial, and retail environments. The system allows for easy creation of visual ambiance through its surface, recessed, or pendant mounting options and magnetic lighting modules which enable the light sources to be conveniently snapped in and out as needed. This feature allows for quick changes in lighting between events or in response to different needs, without requiring the services of an electrician.

The system includes linear modules called “Slots” which are used to create visual interest and are effective for wall grazing and providing glare-free accent lighting. “Dots,” on the other hand, deliver focused beams of light to bring objects or areas into sharper focus. The 1″ wide 48V track of Slots and Dots comes with magnetic attachments for light sources and offers up to a 1,206 lumen output and a variety of color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 4000K with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of either 80+ or 90+.

Slots and Dots is not only about functionality but also aesthetics, offering clean and compact styling to ensure it fits seamlessly into any environment. The lighting system comes with different light attachments, including accent track heads, pendant accents, and four different linear options with lensed sources for ambient lighting and optics for direct lighting. The system is available in variable lengths and is field cuttable to accommodate any design or run length. Furthermore, the system is offered in four different styles, providing options for how visibly the tracks and lighting elements are integrated into the overall design of a space.

In terms of configurability and design options, Amerlux’s Slots and Dots is noted for delivering on the dreams of architects and lighting designers, providing a blend of color, comfort, controls, and configurability. The system is also designed to look good in any environment, featuring a one-inch-wide track with magnetic attachments for ease of use. The track comes in 12-foot, 4-foot, and 2-foot lengths, which can be combined to create clean lines of light or various artistic compositions​.

This lighting solution has been recognized for its innovative approach to design and functionality, making it a valuable addition to any space that requires flexible and dynamic lighting.

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