how old is vivian reddy


Vivian Reddy is a successful businessman and philanthropist known for his contributions to various industries in South Africa. With a career spanning several decades, Reddy has made a significant impact in sectors such as real estate, finance, and entertainment.

Early Life and Education

Vivian Reddy was born on June 9, 1950, in Durban, South Africa. Growing up in a middle-class family, he displayed a keen interest in business from a young age. Reddy completed his schooling at a local high school in Durban before pursuing higher education.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Durban-Westville. This educational background laid the foundation for Reddy’s future endeavors in the business world.

how old is vivian reddy

Business Ventures

After completing his education, Vivian Reddy ventured into the business world and found success in various industries. He established himself as a prominent figure in real estate, with his company, Edison Property Group, becoming one of the leading property development and investment firms in South Africa.

Furthermore, Reddy expanded his business interests into the finance sector by founding Edison Capital, a financial services company specializing in asset management and private equity.

In addition to his success in real estate and finance, Reddy also made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. He launched the production company, Videovision Entertainment, which produced several highly acclaimed films and television shows, bringing South African talent to the global stage.

Philanthropic Work

Beyond his accomplishments in business, Vivian Reddy is also recognized for his philanthropic endeavors. He believes in giving back to society and has been actively involved in supporting various social causes in South Africa.

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Reddy established the Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust, an organization that aims to provide educational opportunities to underprivileged students. Through this trust, scholarships and bursaries are offered to deserving students, empowering them to pursue their academic dreams.

Furthermore, Reddy has contributed to the development of healthcare facilities, particularly in disadvantaged communities. He has provided financial assistance to hospitals and clinics, ensuring access to quality healthcare for those in need.

In recognition of his philanthropy, Vivian Reddy has received numerous accolades and awards, including the Order of Ikhamanga from the South African government.


Vivian Reddy’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent businessman and philanthropist is truly inspiring. With his notable contributions to various industries and dedication to improving society, he serves as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals looking to make a positive impact in their communities. Through his ongoing endeavors, Reddy continues to make a difference in the lives of many in South Africa.

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