how to change banking details for sassa r350 grant

How to Change Banking Details for the SASSA R350 Grant

Are you currently receiving the SASSA R350 Grant and need to update your banking details? It’s important to ensure that your information is correct and up to date so that you can continue to receive your payments without any issues. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to change your banking details for the SASSA R350 Grant.

Step 1: Contact SASSA

The first step is to get in touch with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). You can reach them through their helpline at 0800 601 011. Once connected, explain that you wish to update your banking details for the SASSA R350 Grant. The SASSA representative will guide you through the necessary steps and inform you of any additional requirements.

how to change banking details for sassa r350 grant

Step 2: Fill out the required forms

After contacting SASSA, they will provide you with the necessary forms to update your banking details. These forms may be available for download on the SASSA website or can be mailed to you upon request. Make sure to provide accurate and complete information on the forms to avoid any delays in processing.

Step 3: Gather supporting documents

In addition to the forms, you will likely need to submit supporting documents to verify your identity and banking details. Common documents required include your South African ID document or Smart ID card, proof of residence, and a recent bank statement or letter from your bank confirming your account details. Check with SASSA for the specific requirements and gather the necessary documents.

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Step 4: Submit the forms and documents

Once you have filled out the forms and gathered the supporting documents, it’s time to submit them to SASSA. You can do this by mailing the forms and documents to the address provided by SASSA or by visiting your nearest SASSA office in person. If you choose to mail the documents, consider using registered mail to ensure they reach their destination safely.

If you opt for an in-person visit, make sure to bring the completed forms and all necessary documents. The SASSA staff will review your submission and provide you with a receipt or acknowledgment to confirm that your details have been updated.

Step 5: Wait for confirmation

After submitting your updated banking details, you will need to wait for confirmation from SASSA. They will review your submission and verify the information provided. This process may take some time, so it’s important to be patient. You can contact SASSA again to inquire about the status of your application if necessary.

Step 6: Update your banking details with your bank

Once you receive confirmation from SASSA that your banking details have been updated, it’s crucial to inform your bank as well. Visit your local branch or contact your bank’s customer service to update your account information. This step is necessary to ensure that future payments from SASSA are deposited into your correct and updated bank account.


Updating your banking details for the SASSA R350 Grant is a relatively straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this guide and providing accurate information, you can ensure that your payments are correctly deposited into your chosen bank account. Remember to stay in touch with SASSA throughout the process and follow up on the status of your application if needed. It’s also essential to update your bank once you receive confirmation from SASSA to avoid any further complications. By keeping your banking details up to date, you can continue to receive the much-needed financial support provided by the SASSA R350 Grant.

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