how to change banking details on sassa r350

Changing Your Banking Details on SASSA R350

If you are one of the many South Africans who rely on the SASSA R350 grant, it is essential to ensure that your banking details are up to date. Keeping your banking information current ensures that you receive your grant payments without any delays. In this article, we will guide you through the process of changing your banking details on SASSA R350.

Step 1: Contact SASSA

The first step in changing your banking details is to get in touch with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). You can do this by visiting your nearest SASSA office, calling their toll-free number, or sending an email. It is crucial to have your ID number, grant reference number, and current banking details on hand when you contact SASSA.

how to change banking details on sassa r350

Step 2: Documentation

When communicating with SASSA regarding changing your banking details, they will require certain documents to process your request. These documents may include:

  • Proof of identity (ID book, smart ID card, or passport)
  • Proof of your current residential address (utility bill or official letter)
  • Proof of your current banking details (bank statement or stamped letter from your bank)

Make sure to have these documents ready before visiting or contacting SASSA. Having all the necessary paperwork will speed up the process and ensure a smoother experience.

Step 3: Visit SASSA Office

If you prefer to change your banking details in person, you can visit your nearest SASSA office. A friendly SASSA agent will assist you with the necessary paperwork and guide you through the process. Remember to bring all the required documents mentioned earlier for a successful transaction.

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Step 4: Call SASSA

If visiting a SASSA office is inconvenient or not possible for you, you can call the SASSA toll-free number to initiate the process. A helpful SASSA representative will guide you through the requirements and provide instructions on submitting the necessary documents via email or post.

Step 5: Email or Mail

Once you have gathered all the required documents, you can send them to SASSA via email or mail. Make sure to double-check the email address or postal address provided by the SASSA representative. It is advisable to keep a copy or proof of submission for future reference.

Step 6: Confirmation

After submitting your updated banking details, SASSA will process your request. It may take some time for the changes to be reflected in their system. However, you should receive confirmation once the process is complete. It is crucial to check your bank account regularly to ensure that your grant payments are being credited correctly.


Ensuring that your banking details are accurate and up to date is essential when receiving the SASSA R350 grant. By following the steps mentioned above and promptly contacting SASSA, you can successfully change your banking details and avoid any payment delays. Remember to have all the necessary documents ready, whether you visit a SASSA office or communicate with them remotely via phone or email. Stay informed and stay updated to receive your grant payments smoothly and efficiently.

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