how to check phone number on telkom

How to Check a Phone Number on Telkom

Welcome to this guide on how to check a phone number on Telkom! Telkom is a leading telecommunications company that provides various services, including landline and mobile phone connections. If you need to verify or find out a phone number associated with Telkom, we have provided step-by-step instructions below.

Option 1: Checking Telkom Phone Number via USSD Code

Telkom offers a convenient USSD code that enables their customers to easily find their phone number. To check your Telkom phone number, follow the instructions below:

how to check phone number on telkom

  1. Open the dialer or phone app on your Telkom mobile phone.
  2. Dial *140*2# and press the call button.
  3. Wait for a moment, and you will receive an SMS containing your Telkom phone number.

By using this USSD code, Telkom customers can quickly retrieve their phone numbers without any hassle.

Option 2: Contacting Telkom Customer Support

If the USSD method mentioned above does not work for you or if you have any difficulties, don’t worry! Telkom has excellent customer support that can assist you in finding your phone number. Follow the steps below to contact Telkom customer support:

  1. Locate the Telkom customer support phone number. You can typically find this number on the Telkom website or your Telkom service contract.
  2. Dial the customer support number and wait for the call to connect.
  3. Once connected, explain your situation to the Telkom customer support representative and kindly request assistance in finding your phone number.
  4. The customer support representative will guide you through the process and provide you with your Telkom phone number.
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Remember to have any necessary account information readily available when contacting Telkom customer support to speed up the process.

Option 3: Check Phone Number via Telkom Website

If you have access to the internet and prefer a self-service option, you can visit the official Telkom website to find your phone number. Here’s how:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Go to the official Telkom website (
  3. Look for the “Self-Service” or “My Account” section on the website.
  4. Sign in to your Telkom account using your account credentials.
  5. Once logged in, locate the section that displays your account details.
  6. Your Telkom phone number should be displayed in this section.

If you cannot find your phone number on the Telkom website, consider reaching out to their customer support for further assistance.

In Conclusion

All Telkom customers can utilize the USSD code, contact customer support, or access the Telkom website to check their phone numbers. If you are facing any difficulties, it is always advisable to seek help from Telkom customer support, as they can offer personalized assistance and ensure you retrieve the correct phone number associated with your Telkom account.

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