how to delete videos on tiktok


Are you looking to remove unwanted videos from your TikTok account? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of deleting videos on TikTok. Whether you’ve changed your mind about a particular video, or simply want to clean up your profile, we’ve got you covered!

Step 1: Launch TikTok

First and foremost, open the TikTok app on your mobile device. Ensure that you are signed in to your TikTok account to access your videos and make changes.

Step 2: Go to your Profile

how to delete videos on tiktok

Once you’re in the app, locate the “Profile” tab at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you to your personal profile page.

Step 3: Select the Video to Delete

On your profile page, scroll through your video feed to find the video you wish to delete. Once you’ve found the video in question, tap on it to open it in full-screen mode.

Step 4: Tap the Share Button

At the bottom of the video, you’ll notice a share icon (an arrow pointing right). Tap on this icon to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Choose the Delete Option

Once you tap the share icon, a menu will pop up with various options. Look for the “Delete” option, usually displayed with a trash can icon or labeled as “Delete” or “Remove.” Tap on this option.

Step 6: Confirm Deletion

After selecting the delete option, TikTok will prompt you to confirm your decision. It’s important to note that this action is irreversible, and once deleted, the video cannot be recovered. If you are sure about deleting the video, tap on the “Delete” button to proceed.

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Step 7: Video Successfully Deleted

Congratulations! You have successfully deleted the unwanted video from your TikTok account. The video will no longer be visible on your profile or in your video feed.


Can I recover a deleted TikTok video?

No, unfortunately, once you delete a video on TikTok, it cannot be recovered. Make sure to think carefully before going through with the deletion process.

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can delete?

No, there is no set limit to the number of videos you can delete on TikTok. You have the freedom to remove as many videos as you want from your account.

Do deleted videos still appear on other users’ feeds?

If you delete a video, it will no longer be visible to other TikTok users. The removed video will not appear in any feeds or on your profile.

Can I delete someone else’s video?

No, you can only delete videos that you have uploaded to your own TikTok account. You do not have the authority to delete videos from someone else’s account.

Are there any alternatives to deleting videos?

If you’re unsure about deleting a video permanently, you can also choose to make it private. This way, the video will be hidden from others, but you’ll still have the option to make it public again in the future.

Can I delete videos from the website version of TikTok?

No, the website version of TikTok does not currently allow users to delete videos. You can only delete videos from the mobile app.


Delete unwanted videos on TikTok with ease by following these simple steps. Remember, be cautious before permanently removing any videos, as the deletion cannot be undone. Clean up your TikTok profile and maintain a collection of videos that truly represent you!

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