how to do sim swap on telkom

Sim Swap on Telkom: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a Telkom customer looking to perform a sim swap? This article will guide you through the process step by step. Sim swap is a common procedure in which you replace your existing sim card with a new one, while still retaining your phone number and account details. Whether you’ve lost your sim card, it’s damaged, or you simply want to upgrade to a new device, a sim swap can be easily done with Telkom. Read on to discover the simple steps you need to follow for a smooth sim swap experience.

Step 1: Visit a Telkom Store

The first step in performing a sim swap is to visit a nearby Telkom store. Telkom has physical stores in various locations, and you can find the one nearest to you through their website or by contacting customer support. Make sure to carry your valid identity document (ID), proof of address, and your current sim card when you visit the store.

how to do sim swap on telkom

Step 2: Inform the Store Representative

Once you reach the Telkom store, inform the store representative that you wish to perform a sim swap. They will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary forms and paperwork. Make sure to ask any questions you have regarding the sim swap to clarify any doubts or concerns.

Step 3: Complete the Required Forms

The store representative will provide you with the necessary forms for the sim swap process. Fill out the forms accurately, providing your personal details, account information, and the reason for the sim swap. Ensure that you double-check all the information you provide to avoid any errors or delays in the process.

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Step 4: Hand Over Your Current Sim Card

After completing the forms, you will need to hand over your current sim card to the store representative. They will securely dispose of it to ensure your privacy and security. Remember to remove any personal or important data from your old sim card before handing it over to the representative.

Step 5: Receive your New Sim Card

Once you’ve completed the necessary paperwork and handed over your old sim card, the store representative will provide you with a new sim card. This new sim card will have the same phone number and account details as your old one. Ensure that you handle the new sim card carefully and do not misplace it.

Step 6: Activate the New Sim Card

Now that you have received your new sim card, it’s time to activate it. The store representative will guide you through the activation process. They may need to perform a few technical procedures to ensure a seamless transition from your old sim card to the new one. Wait patiently while they complete the activation process.

Step 7: Test your New Sim Card

Once the activation process is complete, insert the new sim card into your device. Test it by making a call, sending a text message, or accessing the internet. Ensure that all the functions of your phone are working properly with the new sim card. If you encounter any issues, immediately inform the store representative to seek assistance.

Step 8: Update Personal Information (Optional)

If you’ve recently changed your personal details, such as your address or contact information, you may choose to update it during the sim swap process. Inform the store representative about the changes you want to make, and they will assist you in updating your information. This step ensures that your account details are up to date.

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Step 9: Safeguard your New Sim Card

After successfully completing the sim swap process, it’s important to safeguard your new sim card. Keep it in a safe place and avoid sharing your sim card details with anyone. Regularly check your account for any unusual activities and report any suspicious incidents to Telkom immediately.


Performing a sim swap on Telkom is a straightforward process that can be easily completed by visiting a Telkom store. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you’ll be able to replace your old sim card with a new one while retaining your phone number and account details. Remember to carry your valid ID, proof of address, and your current sim card when visiting the store. Safeguard your new sim card and enjoy uninterrupted communication with Telkom.

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