how to get my mtn number via sms

How to retrieve your MTN number via SMS

Do you find yourself in a situation where you need to know your MTN number but have no access to your phone or SIM card packaging? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will guide you on how to retrieve your MTN number easily through a simple SMS. Follow these steps to get your MTN number in no time.

Step 1: Open the SMS app

Unlock your smartphone and navigate to the SMS application. This app usually comes pre-installed on your device, but if not, you can easily download it from your app store. Open the SMS app and be ready to compose a new message.

how to get my mtn number via sms

Step 2: Initiate a new SMS

To initiate a new SMS, look for the “compose” or “new message” button within the SMS app. Usually, this button is located in the bottom right corner or at the top of your screen, depending on your device. Tap on it to open a new message window.

Step 3: Compose the SMS

In the recipient field, enter the shortcode provided by your network operator. For MTN, the shortcode is usually *123# or *663#. Double-check with your specific country’s MTN website or contact MTN customer support to ensure you have the correct shortcode for your region. Type the shortcode into the recipient field without any spaces.

In the message field, type any relevant keyword that signifies you want to retrieve your number. Common keywords include “My number,” “Check number,” or “Show number.” Make sure to use the keyword that is recognized by MTN to retrieve your number.

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Step 4: Send the SMS

Once you have entered the shortcode and the relevant keyword in the recipient and message fields respectively, you are ready to send the SMS. Double-check the recipient and message to ensure accuracy, and then press the send button. Wait patiently for a response from MTN.

Step 5: Check the response

After sending the SMS, you should receive a response from MTN in a few moments. The response message will contain your MTN number along with any other relevant information about your account or available services. Keep in mind that the format and content of the response may vary slightly depending on your specific country or region.

Step 6: Save your MTN number

Once you have received the response message from MTN, it is time to save your MTN number for future reference. Open your phone’s contacts app or address book and create a new contact entry. Enter your MTN number along with any additional details you find relevant, such as your name or email address.

This way, you will always have easy access to your MTN number in case you need it in the future, regardless of whether you have your phone or SIM card packaging available. Remember to periodically update your contact information to ensure accuracy.


Retrieving your MTN number through SMS is a simple and convenient process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly and easily obtain your MTN number even when you do not have access to your phone or SIM card packaging. Make sure to use the correct shortcode and keyword for your specific country or region, and always save your MTN number for future use. Now, you can confidently stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues without any hassles!

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