how to get your number on vodacom

How to Get Your Number on Vodacom

Are you a Vodacom subscriber and need to find out what your number is? Whether you’ve just activated a new SIM card or simply forgot your own number, don’t worry! In this article, we will guide you through the process of getting your Vodacom number. Just follow the steps below to easily retrieve your phone number.

Step 1: Dial *135#

The first step to obtain your Vodacom number is to dial *135# on your Vodacom mobile device. This code works regardless of whether you have airtime or data loaded on your SIM card. After dialing, wait for a few moments for the menu options to appear on your screen.

how to get your number on vodacom

Step 2: Select Option 9

Once the menu options are displayed, you will need to navigate to the option that allows you to view your phone number. Typically, this option is number 9 in the menu. However, it’s always a good idea to check the menu options to confirm that the number retrieval service is still assigned to this particular digit.

Step 3: Follow the Prompts

After selecting option 9, you will be presented with a few more prompts that will guide you through the process of retrieving your Vodacom number. Simply follow these prompts, inputting any necessary information when requested. The system will then display your phone number on the screen.

Step 4: Note Down Your Number

Once your Vodacom number is displayed on the screen, it’s important to write it down or save it in a safe place for future reference. Having your number easily accessible will come in handy when filling out forms, providing contact information, or sharing with friends and family.

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Step 5: Verify Your Number

After noting down your Vodacom number, it’s always a good idea to verify it to ensure accuracy. Simply dial a friend or family member’s number and ask them to confirm the caller ID displayed when you contact them. If the number matches the one you retrieved, you can rest assured that you have successfully obtained your Vodacom number.


Obtaining your Vodacom number is a simple process that can be accomplished by dialing *135# and following a few menu prompts. By taking the time to find out what your number is, you can ensure that you always have your contact information readily available. Remember to jot it down and verify it with a trusted contact to avoid any potential confusion. Now that you know how to get your number on Vodacom, you can stay connected and enjoy the services provided by your Vodacom network.

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