how to griddy in fifa 23


FIFA 23 is an immensely popular football video game that features various gameplay strategies and tactics. One such tactic that players often employ is the “griddy.” This technique involves executing quick, short passes in a grid-like pattern to create open areas and exploit the opponent’s defense. In this article, we will explain how to effectively griddy in FIFA 23, providing valuable insights and tips to enhance your gameplay.

Understanding the Griddy

The griddy technique focuses on precision passing and movement to control the flow of the game. By creating a grid-like pattern through quick and accurate passes, players can maintain possession while simultaneously opening up spaces on the field. This allows for more opportunities to attack and score goals. Griddy is particularly effective when executed with a well-coordinated team that understands the strategy.

Mastering Short Passes

how to griddy in fifa 23

The foundation of griddy lies in perfecting short passes. To execute this effectively, it’s crucial to master the timing and power of each pass. Aim to pass the ball to your teammate’s feet or just in front of them, enabling them to maintain tempo and control. Avoid overly powerful passes that may result in loss of possession, as the griddy relies on retaining the ball within the team’s control.

Additionally, passing accuracy is key. Practice passing drills to improve your accuracy and reduce the chance of errant passes. Look for teammates’ positions before passing, also paying attention to any defenders that may be blocking their path. The griddy thrives on quick decision-making, so staying aware of your teammates’ positions and the opposition’s movements is crucial.

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Creating the Grid

In the griddy tactic, players position themselves in a grid-like pattern to maximize passing options. This formation allows for multiple passing lanes, making it difficult for the opponent to intercept or tackle the ball. It’s important to maintain a structure within the grid, ensuring each player has a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.

For example, you can set up a basic grid formation with three players across the midfield and three players up front. These players should be positioned in a triangular pattern, with the player in the central midfield acting as the pivot. As the ball is circulated within the grid, players should create movement and off-the-ball runs to open up passing opportunities.

Exploiting Spaces

Once the griddy formation is established, the team can exploit the spaces created by the grid. By maintaining possession and circulating the ball efficiently, you force the opposing team to move and adjust their defensive shape. This, in turn, opens up gaps and lanes for players to exploit and launch attacks.

It’s vital to recognize these openings quickly and execute passes or dribbles to take advantage of them. Players on the wing can make overlapping runs, while central midfielders can penetrate through gaps in the defense. The griddy tactic allows you to control the rhythm of the game and systematically dismantle the opposing team’s defense.

Communication and Teamwork

Effective communication and teamwork are paramount for successful griddy executions. Each player needs to understand their role within the grid and be aware of their teammates’ positions and movements. Communication should be continuous, with players calling for passes or signaling their intent to move into space.

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Additionally, coordination and rhythm are crucial. Teammates should move in sync, creating passing options and providing support when needed. This level of cohesion can be developed through regular training sessions and practice matches, with an emphasis on executing the griddy strategy.


The griddy has become a popular gameplay tactic in FIFA 23 due to its effectiveness in maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities. By mastering short passes, creating a grid-like formation, exploiting spaces, and emphasizing communication and teamwork, players can successfully implement the griddy and elevate their gameplay. Practice these techniques regularly to become proficient in executing this strategy and dominate the virtual football field in FIFA 23.

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