how to make a rock shandy

How to Make a Rock Shandy: The Perfect Refreshing Cocktail

Are you looking for a delicious and refreshing cocktail to enjoy on a hot summer day? Look no further than the classic rock shandy! This simple yet flavorful drink is a popular choice worldwide, known for its light and bubbly nature. Whether you’re planning a picnic, hosting a barbecue, or simply craving a cool beverage, a rock shandy is the perfect choice to quench your thirst. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to make a rock shandy at home, allowing you to impress your friends and family with your mixology skills. So let’s get started!

What You’ll Need

Before we dive into the recipe, let’s gather all the necessary ingredients:

how to make a rock shandy

  • 1 bottle of your preferred lager beer
  • 1 bottle of sparkling water or soda water
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh lemon or lime slices for garnish (optional)

The Recipe

Now that we have everything prepared, let’s jump into the step-by-step process of making a rock shandy:

Step 1: Prepare Your Glass

Take a tall glass and fill it with ice cubes. The ice will keep your drink cool and refreshing.

Step 2: Pour the Lager

Slowly pour the lager beer into the glass, leaving some room at the top for the sparkling water.

Step 3: Add the Sparkling Water

Now, pour the sparkling water or soda water into the glass, filling it to the top. The sparkling water adds a fizzy and crisp element to the cocktail.

Step 4: Mix Gently

Using a stirring spoon or a straw, gently mix the ingredients together. Be careful not to stir too vigorously to avoid excessive foam formation.

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Step 5: Garnish and Serve

If desired, garnish the glass with a slice of fresh lemon or lime. This adds a touch of citrusy aroma and enhances the overall presentation of your rock shandy. Serve immediately and enjoy!


While the classic rock shandy recipe is already delightful, you can also experiment with additional ingredients to create your own unique twist. Here are a few variations to try:

Fruit-infused Rock Shandy

Add a handful of fresh berries or slices of your favorite fruit (such as strawberries, raspberries, or oranges) to the glass before pouring in the lager and sparkling water. This infusion will impart a subtle fruity flavor and add a hint of natural sweetness to your drink.

Herb-infused Rock Shandy

If you’re a fan of herbaceous flavors, consider adding a few leaves of fresh mint or basil to the glass along with the ice cubes. Muddle the herbs gently to release their aromatic oils before pouring in the beer and soda water. The herbal notes will provide a refreshing and invigorating taste.

Spiced Rock Shandy

For a more adventurous palate, experiment with spices like cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg. Simply add a pinch of your chosen spice to the glass before mixing the rest of the ingredients. The warm and comforting flavors will elevate your rock shandy to a whole new level.


A rock shandy is a fantastic drink to have in your recipe repertoire. It’s easy to make, incredibly refreshing, and offers endless possibilities for customization. Whether you’re sticking to the classic recipe or trying out creative variations, this bubbly cocktail will undoubtedly be a hit at any gathering. So, gather your ingredients, grab a tall glass, and enjoy the sheer bliss of sipping on a homemade rock shandy!

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