how to reference an article harvard

How to Reference an Article in Harvard Style
how to reference an article harvard


Referencing is an essential skill in academic writing as it allows you to acknowledge the sources you have used in your research, enabling readers to verify the information and build upon it. One commonly used referencing style is the Harvard style, which is known for its parenthetical in-text citations and a comprehensive reference list at the end of the document. In this article, we will guide you on how to reference an article using the Harvard referencing style, ensuring your work adheres to academic standards and integrity.

In-Text Citations

When referencing an article using the Harvard style, it is important to include in-text citations to acknowledge the source appropriately. In-text citations should generally include the author’s last name, publication year, and page number (if applicable) within parentheses. However, if you have already mentioned the author’s name in your sentence, you can exclude it from the parentheses.

Reference List Entry

At the end of your document, you need to provide a detailed reference list that contains all the sources you have cited or referred to in your work. To reference an article in the Harvard style, you should include the author’s last name, initial(s), publication year, article title, journal title in italics, volume number in italics, and inclusive page numbers.

Online Articles

When referencing an online article, you should include additional information such as the URL or DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to ensure accessibility and improve the credibility of your work. Using a DOI is preferred as it provides a stable link that will not change over time, making it easier for readers to retrieve the article. If a DOI is not available, you can use the URL, but make sure to check its stability and update it if necessary.

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Let’s look at some examples of referencing articles in the Harvard style.

Journal Article with One Author

In-text citation: (Smith, 2019)

Reference list entry: Smith, J. (2019). The impact of climate change on biodiversity. Journal of Environmental Studies, 15(2), 123-145.

Journal Article with Multiple Authors

In-text citation: (Johnson et al., 2020)

Reference list entry: Johnson, A., Miller, B., & Anderson, C. (2020). The effects of social media on youth. Journal of Communication Studies, 8(4), 56-78.

Online Journal Article with DOI

In-text citation: (Brown, 2017, p. 30)

Reference list entry: Brown, S. (2017). The future of artificial intelligence. Journal of Technology Advances, 9(3), 25-40. doi:10.xxxx/xxxxx

Online Journal Article without DOI

In-text citation: (Clark, 2018, para. 5)

Reference list entry: Clark, R. (2018). The impact of social media on mental health. Journal of Psychology Studies, 7(2), 60-75. Retrieved from


Referencing articles using the Harvard style demonstrates your credibility as a writer and acknowledges the intellectual contributions of others. By adhering to the guidelines provided in this article, you can ensure your references are accurate, consistent, and compliant with the Harvard referencing style. Remember to always consult the official Harvard referencing guide or your institution’s guidelines for specific requirements and additional examples.

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