how to send call back on mtn

How to Send a Call Back on MTN Introduction: Learn how to send a call back on MTN easily with this step-by-step guide. MTN is a well-known telecommunications provider in many African countries, and sending a call back is a convenient feature that allows you to request a call from someone even when you don’t have any airtime or credit on your mobile phone. This feature is especially useful when you urgently need to communicate with someone but are unable to make a direct call due to limited airtime. Follow the instructions below to send a call back on MTN and stay connected with your loved ones. Step 1: Dial the Call Back Code To send a call back on MTN, simply dial *133*Recipient’s Number# and press the call button. Make sure to replace “Recipient’s Number” with the phone number of the person you want to call back.
how to send call back on mtn

Step 2: Wait for Confirmation Message After dialing the call back code, you will receive a confirmation message from MTN, indicating that your call back request has been sent successfully. This message will also include the recipient’s phone number for reference. Step 3: Recipient Receives Call Notification Once you send a call back, the recipient will receive a notification message from MTN, informing them that you have requested a call back. The message will include your phone number and will prompt the recipient to either call you back or send you a message. Step 4: Recipient Returns the Call After receiving the call back request, the recipient can choose to call you back directly by dialing your phone number or connect with you through a text message if they are unable to make a call at that moment. It provides them the flexibility to respond based on their current availability or circumstances.
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Step 5: Enjoy the Connected Call Once the recipient returns your call, you can have a conversation as usual. It’s important to remember that your call may be subject to normal call rates or charges depending on the recipient’s phone plan or network provider. Conclusion: Sending a call back on MTN is a convenient and easy way to stay connected with your friends and family even when you have limited airtime or credit on your mobile phone. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can request a call back from anyone and ensure that important communication is not hampered due to lack of airtime. Stay in touch with your loved ones with MTN’s call back feature and never miss an important conversation again. Note: The call back feature may be subject to regional availability and network support. Please check with your local MTN service provider for more information on the availability and pricing of this feature.

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