how to transfer airtime on cell c

How to Transfer Airtime on Cell C

Transferring airtime to your friends and family on Cell C is a convenient way to share your talk time with them. Whether it’s topping up their account or helping them out in emergencies, Cell C has made it easy for its users to transfer airtime seamlessly. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of transferring airtime on Cell C.

Step 1: Ensure Sufficient Airtime Balance

Before you can transfer airtime, make sure you have enough balance on your Cell C account. Check your balance by dialing *101#, or use the Cell C mobile app to verify your current available airtime.

Step 2: Access the Transfer Airtime Menu

how to transfer airtime on cell c

To begin the transfer process, dial *147# on your Cell C mobile device. This will bring up the Cell C service menu.

Step 3: Select Airtime Transfer

From the service menu, select the option for “Airtime Transfer” by entering the corresponding number and pressing the send/OK button.

Step 4: Enter Recipient’s Number

Now, you will be prompted to enter the recipient’s Cell C number to whom you wish to transfer airtime. Carefully enter the 10-digit number and confirm it for accuracy.

Step 5: Specify Airtime Amount

After entering the recipient’s number, you will be asked to specify the airtime amount you want to transfer. Enter the desired value and double-check it before proceeding.

Step 6: Confirm the Transaction

The system will display the details of the transfer, including the recipient’s number and the airtime amount. Review the information carefully to ensure accuracy. If everything is correct, confirm the transaction to proceed.

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Step 7: Successful Transfer Confirmation

Once the transfer is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation message indicating the details of the transfer, such as the sent airtime amount and the recipient’s number. The recipient will also receive a notification mentioning the successful transfer.

Important Points to Remember:

– The maximum airtime transfer limit on Cell C is set to R1,000 per transaction.

– You can transfer airtime between Cell C prepaid numbers only.

– Each Cell C number can only receive a maximum of R250 per day.

– Transferred airtime cannot be converted back to cash or refunded, so ensure accuracy before confirming the transaction.


Transferring airtime on Cell C has never been easier. By following these simple steps, you can top up your loved ones’ accounts or help them out in times of need. Remember to always double-check the recipient’s number and the transferred amount before confirming the transaction. Enjoy the convenience of sharing airtime effortlessly with Cell C!

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