what can i sell to make money in south africa

How to Make Money in South Africa by Selling

Are you looking for ways to make money in South Africa? Selling can be a great option to earn some extra cash or even start your own business. In this article, we will explore various products and ideas that you can sell to make money in the thriving South African market.

1. Handmade Crafts

If you have a knack for arts and crafts, why not turn your passion into a profitable venture? South Africa has a vibrant market for handmade crafts, including jewelry, pottery, paintings, embroidery, and more. You can sell your creations through online platforms, local craft markets, or even establish your own brand.

2. Fresh Produce

what can i sell to make money in south africa

South Africa is renowned for its fertile lands and agricultural resources. If you have access to land or can partner with local farmers, consider selling fresh produce. This can include anything from fruits and vegetables to eggs, honey, or even flowers. You can set up a roadside stand, deliver boxes of produce to customers’ homes, or collaborate with local restaurants or stores.

3. Second-Hand Clothing

The second-hand clothing market is booming in South Africa. Many people are looking for affordable and stylish options, making it an ideal opportunity for you to sell high-quality used clothing. You can source your inventory from thrift stores, garage sales, or even hold clothing swaps with friends and family. Online platforms and physical stores are both great avenues to sell second-hand clothing.

4. Homemade Food and Baked Goods

If you have a talent for cooking, consider selling homemade food and baked goods. South Africans appreciate diverse cuisines, so you can specialize in local dishes or even offer international flavors. This can include anything from traditional snacks, like vetkoek and samoosas, to delectable pastries and desserts. Having an online presence, supplying to local coffee shops, or participating in food markets are all great options to reach potential customers.

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5. Handmade Soaps and Beauty Products

With the growing interest in natural and organic products, handmade soaps and beauty products have gained popularity. You can make your own soaps, lotions, lip balms, or bath bombs by using high-quality ingredients. Market your products through social media platforms, local beauty stores, or by participating in beauty expos and events.

6. Pet Products

If you’re an animal lover, why not tap into the pet products market? Consider selling items such as pet accessories, grooming supplies, organic pet treats, or even custom-made pet clothing. With a large pet-owning population in South Africa, you’ll find a significant demand for quality pet products both online and through local pet stores or vet clinics.

7. Handmade Furniture or Home Decor

If you have a talent for woodworking or designing unique home decor, selling handmade furniture and decorative items can be a lucrative business opportunity. From rustic coffee tables and custom-made shelves to colorful pillows and unique wall art, the possibilities are endless. You can sell your products through online marketplaces, local furniture stores, or even collaborate with interior designers.


Selling can be a profitable venture in South Africa, whether you’re looking for a side gig or want to start your own business. Consider your skills, interests, and access to resources when choosing a product to sell. By tapping into the vibrant South African market, you can turn your passion into a rewarding endeavor.

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