what can i study with maths literacy

Study Options for Those with Maths Literacy

Mathematics literacy is a subject that focuses on the development of basic mathematical skills and concepts, providing students with a practical understanding of how mathematics is applied in real-life situations. While studying maths literacy, you develop problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and numerical skills. Although this subject may be seen as less advanced than pure mathematics, it still equips you with a solid foundation and opens up numerous study options and career opportunities. In this article, we will explore some of the fields and disciplines you can pursue with a background in maths literacy.

1. Business Studies

If you have an interest in the world of commerce and economics, studying business studies is a great option. Having a mathematical background can be advantageous when it comes to analyzing business data, calculating financial figures, and making informed decisions based on statistical data. With a solid understanding of maths literacy, you can excel in areas such as accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and management.

what can i study with maths literacy

2. Social Sciences

Maths literacy provides essential skills for various social science disciplines. Field such as psychology, sociology, and political science often require data analysis, research design, and statistical interpretation. With a background in maths literacy, you can confidently navigate through the quantitative aspects of these fields, supporting your research and enhancing your critical-thinking abilities.

3. Geography and Environmental Studies

Geography and environmental studies involve data collection and analysis, as well as understanding spatial relationships and patterns. Maths literacy equips you with essential statistical and quantitative skills that are valuable in these fields. Whether it’s analyzing population growth, studying climate change, or examining spatial distribution, your mathematical foundation will help you make evidence-based conclusions and contribute to understanding and resolving environmental challenges.

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4. Education

A strong mathematical foundation is crucial for teaching mathematics at primary and secondary school levels. Maths literacy can serve as a stepping stone to pursue a degree in education, specializing in mathematics or mathematical literacy. By combining your mathematical abilities with teaching methodologies, you can have a positive impact on future generations by nurturing a love for mathematics and promoting numeracy skills among students.

5. Information Technology

In the ever-growing digital age, having a solid foundation in maths literacy is extremely valuable in the field of information technology. Mathematics plays a significant role in coding, data analysis, software development, and algorithm design. By understanding mathematical concepts, you can excel in various IT-related careers, such as programming, software engineering, data analysis, and cyber security.

6. Economics

Economics is a social science that revolves around the study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It heavily relies on mathematical modeling, statistics, and interpreting data to understand economic phenomena. With a background in maths literacy, you can pursue a degree in economics and contribute to analyzing economic trends, conducting market research, and assisting in economic planning and policy-making.


Although maths literacy may be perceived as a subject with limited study and career opportunities, it actually opens up a diverse range of options across various fields. The skills and knowledge gained from studying maths literacy are highly transferable and can be applied in disciplines such as business studies, social sciences, geography, education, information technology, and economics. So if you have a passion for mathematics and enjoy practical applications, maths literacy can serve as an excellent foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in many different areas.

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