what colour does red and orange make

What Color Does Red and Orange Make?
what colour does red and orange make

What Color Does Red and Orange Make?

Are you curious to know what happens when you mix the vibrant colors of red and orange together? Well, when red and orange are combined, they create a new hue called reddish-orange. This captivating mixture combines the energy of red with the warmth of orange, resulting in a unique and eye-catching color. Let’s dive deeper into the world of colors and explore the fascinating characteristics of red, orange, and the color they produce when blended.

Understanding the Colors Red and Orange

Red: Red is a primary color, meaning it cannot be created by mixing other colors together. It is often associated with strong emotions, such as love, passion, and anger. Red has a bold and commanding presence, making it impossible to ignore. It grabs attention instantly and symbolizes power and energy.

Orange: Orange is a secondary color created by mixing red and yellow. It embodies the warmth and brightness of the sun. Orange is a color that radiates optimism, creativity, and enthusiasm. It is often associated with excitement and joy, evoking feelings of happiness and warmth.

The Chemistry Behind Red and Orange Mixing

When red and orange pigments are mixed together, the molecules in each color combine and interact with each other. This interaction occurs due to the absorption and reflection of light. Both red and orange colors reflect a significant amount of red light, which leads to the enhancement and intensification of the red pigments present in both colors.

The result of this combination is a color that lies between red and orange on the color spectrum. This new hue is commonly referred to as reddish-orange. The specific shade and intensity of the reddish-orange will depend on the exact proportions and shades of red and orange used in the mixture. Experimenting with different ratios can produce a wide range of variations, from a more red-leaning hue to a more orange-leaning hue.

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The Psychological Impact of Reddish-Orange

The color reddish-orange inherits the emotional characteristics of both red and orange. It stimulates energy, enthusiasm, and creativity, while also evoking feelings of passion, love, and excitement. This vibrant color has the power to grab attention and create a sense of urgency. It can be used strategically in various contexts to create a desired psychological impact.

In marketing and advertising, reddish-orange is often employed to attract attention and create a sense of urgency. It can be utilized in call-to-action buttons or important notifications to prompt immediate response and engagement. Additionally, in art and design, this captivating color can be used to evoke powerful emotions and add visual interest to compositions.


In conclusion, when red and orange are mixed together, they create the captivating hue of reddish-orange. This vibrant color combines the energy and boldness of red with the warmth and brightness of orange. The chemistry behind the mixing of red and orange pigments results in a new shade that lies between the two original colors on the color spectrum. Reddish-orange has a profound psychological impact, evoking emotions such as passion, excitement, and urgency. Whether in marketing, design, or personal preferences, reddish-orange is a color that demands attention and creates a lasting impression.

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