what comes around goes around meaning

What Goes Around Comes Around: Unveiling the True Meaning Behind the Phrase

In life, there is a saying that goes, “What goes around comes around.” This simple statement holds a profound meaning that can be interpreted in numerous ways. In its essence, this phrase suggests that the actions we take will eventually come back to us, either in a positive or negative manner. It encapsulates the concept of karma, the law of cause and effect, and the idea that our deeds shape our destiny.

The Law of Cause and Effect

One way to comprehend the meaning of “what goes around comes around” is by understanding the concept of the law of cause and effect. This universal principle suggests that every action we engage in has consequences, and those consequences ultimately find their way back to us. It emphasizes the notion that our present actions determine our future experiences.

Imagine throwing a pebble into a calm lake. As it ripples through the water, the effects of the pebble’s impact expand in circles, reaching every corner of the lake. Similarly, our actions create ripples in the vast ocean of life, affecting not only ourselves but also those around us.

what comes around goes around meaning

Karma: The Cosmic Balance

The phrase “what goes around comes around” is deeply intertwined with the Eastern concept of karma. Karma, originating from Hinduism and Buddhism, refers to the cosmic principle of cause and effect. It embodies the belief that our actions, both good and bad, will ultimately determine our fate and future experiences in this life or subsequent lives.

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Consider karma as a cosmic balance sheet that keeps track of all our actions. Positive actions contribute to accumulating good karma, ensuring a positive return in the future. Conversely, negative actions accumulate bad karma, leading to unfavorable consequences down the road. In this sense, the phrase serves as a reminder that we should strive to engage in virtuous acts as they shape our destiny.

The Ripple Effect: Spreading Positivity

When we think of “what goes around comes around,” it’s essential to consider the ripple effect our actions have on others. Every action we take, no matter how small, has the potential to influence someone else’s life. By spreading kindness, generosity, and positivity, we have the power to create a ripple effect that can transform the world around us.

Think about a time when a stranger’s act of kindness positively impacted your day. Perhaps a small gesture like holding the door open or offering a smile brightened your mood. These simple acts create a chain reaction, inspiring you to exhibit kindness towards others. Ultimately, this ripple effect circles back, creating a more compassionate and harmonious society.


The timeless phrase “what goes around comes around” carries a powerful message that transcends cultures and time. It reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things and the impact our actions have on ourselves and those around us. By understanding and embodying this concept, we can strive to lead lives filled with compassion, positivity, and empathy, creating a ripple effect that will shape a brighter future for all.

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