what does cash crusaders buy

Cash Crusaders: What Do They Buy?

Welcome to Cash Crusaders, the ultimate destination for buying and selling second-hand goods. With over 200 stores across Southern Africa, we provide a reliable platform for individuals to access affordable products and sell their unwanted items for cash. Our business model revolves around assisting our customers in decluttering their lives and making some extra money through our buy-back and trade-in services.

What sets Cash Crusaders apart?

At Cash Crusaders, we believe in promoting a sustainable and circular economy, which is why we emphasize buying pre-owned items. By doing so, we not only give these products a second life but also provide a cost-effective option for customers who are looking for quality goods without breaking the bank.

what does cash crusaders buy

What can you sell to Cash Crusaders?

We buy a wide range of second-hand items, including but not limited to:

  • Electronics: Whether it’s your old smartphone, laptop, gaming console, or even a home theater system, we are interested in purchasing them all. Our experts assess the condition of the electronics and offer a fair price based on their current market value.
  • Appliances: Do you have a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, or any other household appliance that you no longer need? Bring it to Cash Crusaders, and we will give you cash for it.
  • Tools and DIY equipment: If you have power tools, hand tools, or any other equipment gathering dust in your garage, we can turn it into money.
  • Audio and visual equipment: From speakers and headphones to cameras and televisions, our stores accept a variety of audio and visual equipment. Simply bring them in, and we’ll provide a fair valuation.
  • Jewelry and watches: If you have unwanted jewelry or watches lying around, you can bring them to Cash Crusaders. We have in-house jewelry experts who will appraise the items and offer you a competitive price.
  • Sporting goods: Whether it’s golf clubs, bicycles, fitness equipment, or any other sports gear, we are interested in purchasing items in good condition. Turn your unused sporting goods into cash with Cash Crusaders.
  • Musical instruments: Have an old guitar, keyboard, drum set, or any other musical instrument? Bring it to us, and we’ll evaluate its condition and make you a reasonable offer.
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How does the buying process work?

When you bring an item to Cash Crusaders, our knowledgeable staff will assess its condition, functionality, and market demand. Based on these factors, they will determine a fair price for your item. Once you agree to the offered price, you can walk away with the cash on the spot.

If you have an item of higher value that you do not want to part with permanently, we also offer a pawn option. You can pawn your item with us, and we’ll keep it safe until you repay the loan amount and interest.

In addition to buying items outright, we also provide a trade-in service. If you wish to upgrade your item or switch to something different from our wide range of products, you can trade in your old item and reduce the cost of the new one.

Why choose Cash Crusaders for selling your second-hand items?

There are several benefits to selling your second-hand items to Cash Crusaders:

  • Quick and Convenient: Selling your items to us is a hassle-free process. Our staff is trained to provide efficient service, ensuring a smooth transaction.
  • Fair Valuation: We have experts who keep up-to-date with market trends and prices, ensuring that you receive a fair price for your items.
  • Safety and Security: Our stores follow strict security measures to safeguard your items, ensuring peace of mind throughout the transaction process.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By choosing to sell or buy pre-owned items, you are actively participating in reducing waste and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

So, whether you are looking to make some extra cash or find affordable products, Cash Crusaders is the ideal destination. Visit our nearest store today and experience the convenience and value we offer!

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