what is the aa rate per km

AA Rate Per Kilometer

Welcome to our article on the AA rate per kilometer. This article will provide you with insights and information about the AA rate and its significance for various individuals and businesses. Whether you are new to this concept or simply looking to brush up your knowledge, we have got you covered!

What is the AA Rate per Kilometer?

The AA rate per kilometer, also known as the Automobile Association mileage rate or the SARS mileage rate, refers to the rate at which individuals and businesses can claim deductions for business travel expenses. This rate is set by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and is applicable within South Africa.

what is the aa rate per km

When employees or self-employed individuals use their personal vehicles for business purposes, they can claim a deduction based on the number of kilometers traveled. The AA rate per kilometer is used to calculate this deduction. It takes into account various factors such as fuel costs, maintenance, insurance, and depreciation.

Importance of the AA Rate per Kilometer

The AA rate per kilometer is important for both employees and self-employed individuals who use personal vehicles for business purposes. It allows them to claim tax deductions and recover some of the costs associated with their business travel expenses.

For employers, understanding and implementing the correct AA rate per kilometer ensures compliance with tax regulations and accurate reimbursements for employees’ business-related vehicle expenses.

Factors Affecting the AA Rate per Kilometer

The AA rate per kilometer is not a fixed value and can change annually. It is influenced by various factors, including:

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1. Fuel Prices

Fluctuations in fuel prices can impact the AA rate per kilometer. Higher fuel prices may result in a higher rate to cover increased expenses.

2. Vehicle Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining a vehicle, including servicing, repairs, and replacement of parts, can contribute to the AA rate per kilometer. Older vehicles tend to have higher maintenance costs, potentially affecting the rate.

3. Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums, including those for comprehensive coverage and third-party liability, also play a role in determining the AA rate per kilometer.

4. Depreciation

The rate of vehicle depreciation considers the reduction in value over time due to wear and tear. Higher depreciation rates may result in a higher AA rate per kilometer to account for the diminishing value of the vehicle.

How to Calculate the AA Rate per Kilometer

Calculating the AA rate per kilometer is relatively straightforward. The South African Revenue Service provides the official AA rates annually. As of the current year, the AA rate per kilometer is [insert current rate here].

To calculate your total deduction, multiply the number of kilometers traveled for business purposes by the AA rate per kilometer. For example, if you traveled 500 kilometers and the AA rate is R3 per kilometer, your deduction would be 500 km * R3 = R1500.


The AA rate per kilometer is an essential factor in determining the tax deductibility of business travel expenses for employees and self-employed individuals in South Africa. It allows for fair reimbursements and helps in minimizing the financial burden associated with business-related vehicle costs.

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By staying up-to-date with the current AA rate per kilometer and accurately calculating deductions, individuals and businesses can ensure compliance with tax regulations and make the most of their business travel expenses.

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