what subjects are needed to become a lawyer in grade 12

Subjects Needed to Become a Lawyer in Grade 12

Are you considering a career in law? Becoming a lawyer requires not only passion but also a strong educational foundation. As you progress through high school, it’s essential to carefully select your subjects to ensure you meet the necessary requirements for admission to law school. In this article, we will explore the subjects that are beneficial for aspiring lawyers in grade 12.

English Language and Literature

Strong communication skills are vital for lawyers, as they are constantly writing legal documents, presenting arguments, and engaging in discussions. Therefore, taking English Language and Literature in grade 12 is crucial. These subjects will enhance your reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing abilities, essential skills for success in the legal field.

what subjects are needed to become a lawyer in grade 12


Studying history helps develop analytical and research skills, which are necessary for lawyers. By learning about past events and their legal implications, you will gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of legal systems and how they impact society. History subjects also improve your ability to examine evidence, understand precedents, and construct compelling arguments based on past cases.


While mathematics may not be directly linked to the field of law, it helps develop logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Lawyers often encounter complex situations that require analytical thinking, and a strong mathematical background can assist you in approaching legal issues with a logical mindset. Additionally, some areas of law, such as tax law or intellectual property law, involve financial calculations, making mathematical skills valuable.

Social Sciences

Subjects in the social sciences, such as sociology, psychology, and political science, provide a foundation for understanding human behavior and society. These subjects are relevant to the legal profession as they offer insights into how individuals and communities interact, influencing their rights, responsibilities, and disputes. A solid understanding of social sciences can help lawyers empathize with their clients and effectively argue their case by considering the social and psychological factors at play.

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Public Speaking and Debate

While not a traditional subject, public speaking and debate can tremendously benefit aspiring lawyers. These activities enhance your ability to articulate your thoughts clearly, think on your feet, and effectively persuade others. Lawyers often have to present arguments in courtrooms, negotiate settlements, or convince clients, making public speaking and debate skills invaluable.

Law-related Courses

If your high school offers any law-related courses, consider enrolling in them. These courses provide insights into the fundamentals of law, legal systems, and the various areas of specialization. They can introduce you to legal concepts and terminologies, giving you a head start when you eventually pursue law studies at university.


When choosing your subjects for grade 12 with the goal of becoming a lawyer, it is important to consider the skills and knowledge required for success in the legal profession. Subjects such as English Language and Literature, History, Mathematics, Social Sciences, public speaking, and law-related courses can help lay a solid foundation for your future legal career. Remember that strong communication, research, critical thinking, and analytical skills are fundamental to excel in the field of law. By carefully selecting your subjects and excelling in them, you are setting yourself up for a promising future as a lawyer.

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