what subjects do you need to become a nurse

Subjects needed to become a nurse

Becoming a nurse is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice, where you can make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. Nurses play a crucial role in healthcare, providing patient care, administering medications, and assisting doctors. If you aspire to become a nurse, it is essential to understand the subjects you need to study to pursue this profession. By gaining knowledge in these areas, you can develop the skills and expertise required to excel in nursing.


One of the fundamental subjects for aspiring nurses is biology. Biology studies the science of life, including the human body and its various systems. Understanding biology helps nurses comprehend how the body functions, the mechanisms behind diseases, and the effects of medications. By studying biology, nurses can identify symptoms, assess conditions, and provide appropriate care to patients.


what subjects do you need to become a nurse

Chemistry is another crucial subject for nursing students. It explores the composition, properties, and behaviors of matter. In nursing, understanding chemistry is essential to comprehend medications, their interactions, and potential side effects. Nurses need to know how drugs are metabolized in the body, how they interact with each other, and any potential reactions they may cause. A solid foundation in chemistry helps nurses safely administer medications and monitor patients for adverse reactions.

Anatomy and Physiology

Studying anatomy and physiology is vital for nurses, as it focuses on understanding the structure and function of the human body. This subject helps nurses identify and locate organs, tissues, and body systems. Knowledge in anatomy and physiology enables nurses to assess patients, understand the impact of diseases on bodily functions, and provide appropriate care. By studying this subject, nurses can anticipate complications, interpret diagnostic tests, and communicate effectively with doctors and patients.

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Psychology is an important subject for nurses, as it delves into the understanding of human behavior and mental processes. Nurses often encounter patients who are anxious, in pain, or experiencing emotional distress. By studying psychology, nurses gain insight into human emotions, coping mechanisms, and ways to provide emotional support. They can develop therapeutic communication skills to connect with their patients, understand their needs, and provide compassionate care.


Pharmacology is the study of drugs and their effects on the body. It plays a crucial role in nursing, as nurses are responsible for administering medications to patients. By studying pharmacology, nurses learn about different classifications of drugs, their actions, and proper dosages. They understand the importance of monitoring patients for drug interactions and adverse effects. Nurses with a strong foundation in pharmacology can ensure patients receive safe and effective drug therapy.

Nursing Ethics and Professionalism

In addition to the core scientific subjects, aspiring nurses also need to study nursing ethics and professionalism. These subjects emphasize the importance of ethical practices, integrity, and professionalism in patient care. Nurses learn about the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with their profession, including patient confidentiality, informed consent, and advocacy. Studying nursing ethics and professionalism ensures that nurses uphold high standards of care, respect patient autonomy, and provide compassionate and patient-centered services.


To become a nurse, it is essential to study a variety of subjects that provide a solid foundation in both the sciences and the compassionate care required in the profession. Subjects such as biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, psychology, pharmacology, and nursing ethics and professionalism equip aspiring nurses with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their careers. By studying these subjects, individuals can embark on a fulfilling journey to become knowledgeable and compassionate nurses, making a positive impact in the lives of their patients.

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