where is menlyn mall


Menlyn Mall is a premier shopping destination located in Pretoria, South Africa. With its vast selection of stores, entertainment options, and dining establishments, the mall offers a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for visitors of all ages.


Menlyn Mall is strategically situated at the corner of Lois Avenue and Atterbury Road in Menlyn, Pretoria. Its convenient location makes it easily accessible for both local residents and tourists. The mall is surrounded by various residential areas, making it a popular spot for nearby communities.


where is menlyn mall

With over 500 stores, Menlyn Mall boasts an extensive range of retailers catering to diverse interests and preferences. Visitors can find fashion outlets, including popular international brands, as well as boutique stores offering unique clothing items. The mall also features specialty stores offering electronics, home d├ęcor, sports equipment, and more.

For tech enthusiasts, Menlyn Mall is a must-visit destination. The mall is home to several high-end electronics stores, providing the latest gadgets, computers, and accessories. Additionally, various home appliance stores offer a wide selection of kitchen appliances, televisions, and other household electronics.

Getting tired from all the shopping? Menlyn Mall has got you covered with an array of beauty and wellness stores. Visitors can indulge in spa treatments, get their hair styled, or explore a wide range of beauty products.


Menlyn Mall offers more than just shopping. The mall boasts a diverse range of entertainment options that provide a break from the retail therapy. Visitors can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies at the state-of-the-art cinema complex situated within the mall.

For a dose of high-adrenaline fun, Menlyn Mall features an exciting indoor go-karting track, ensuring a thrilling experience for racing enthusiasts. The mall also houses an arcade, offering a variety of gaming options for both kids and adults.

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Additionally, Menlyn Mall hosts various events and performances throughout the year, including live music, theater shows, and exhibitions. This adds an extra layer of excitement and entertainment for visitors to enjoy during their shopping experience.


Menlyn Mall is a culinary haven with an extensive range of dining options. From casual eateries to fine dining restaurants, the mall caters to all taste buds and budgets. Visitors can savor a diverse selection of cuisines, including local South African dishes, international delicacies, and fast food favorites.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Menlyn Mall has a variety of food courts and restaurants to choose from. The mall’s pleasant and inviting ambiance makes dining a delightful experience, whether you’re dining with friends, family, or on your own.


Menlyn Mall is a shopper’s paradise, offering an abundance of stores, entertainment options, and dining establishments. Its convenient location, extensive range of retailers, and diverse entertainment offerings make it a must-visit destination in Pretoria. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, a fun-filled day of entertainment, or delicious dining experiences, Menlyn Mall has it all.

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