where to buy clothes in bulk for resale


If you’re looking to start a clothing resale business, finding a reliable supplier that offers clothes in bulk is crucial. Buying in bulk allows you to purchase a large quantity of clothing at a discounted price, increasing your profit margins when you resell the items. In this article, we will guide you through some of the best places to buy clothes in bulk for resale, ensuring you can find the right supplier to kickstart your business.

Wholesale Marketplaces

Wholesale marketplaces are excellent platforms to find clothes in bulk for resale. Websites like Alibaba, DHgate, and Tradekey provide a wide range of clothing options, featuring various styles, sizes, and brands. These marketplaces connect you directly with manufacturers and wholesalers, enabling you to negotiate prices and source inventory from across the globe.

Wholesale Trade Shows

where to buy clothes in bulk for resale

Attending wholesale trade shows can give you direct access to numerous clothing suppliers. These events bring together different manufacturers and wholesalers under one roof, allowing you to browse through their collections and establish personal connections. Some notable trade shows include MAGIC Las Vegas, Canton Fair in China, and Pure London in the United Kingdom.

Wholesale Clothing Districts

Many major cities have specific districts or areas dedicated to wholesale clothing. These districts are home to multiple clothing vendors, wholesalers, and manufacturers. For example, Los Angeles has the Fashion District, New York City has the Garment District, and Bangkok has the Pratunam Market. Visiting these districts allows you to explore a wide variety of clothing options, negotiate prices in person, and build relationships with suppliers.

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Online Wholesale Platforms

Aside from wholesale marketplaces, there are specific online platforms that cater to bulk clothing purchases. Companies like Wholesale2B, Wholesale Central, and FashionGo offer extensive catalogs of clothing items at wholesale prices. These platforms often require a registration or membership fee, but they provide a user-friendly interface, detailed product descriptions, and reliable customer service.

Manufacturer Direct

Contacting manufacturers directly can be an effective way to cut out middlemen and secure the best prices. Conducting thorough research, reaching out to clothing factories, and negotiating directly with them can lead to significant cost savings. However, this approach requires more effort and time, as you need to vet the manufacturers, discuss production capabilities, and establish a reliable supply chain.

Oversupply and Liquidation Auctions

Consider exploring oversupply and liquidation auctions to find clothes in bulk for resale. Many companies, including retail giants, often have excess inventory due to overproduction or store closures. Websites like B-Stock Solutions and Liquidation.com host online auctions where you can bid on bulk clothing lots at discounted prices. It’s essential to research and understand the condition and quality of the items before placing your bids.

Local Thrift Stores

While thrift stores generally offer individual items, some locations may provide the option to purchase clothes in bulk. Establishing relationships with local thrift shops can allow you to negotiate deals for large quantities of clothing. These stores often have unique and vintage pieces that can attract customers looking for something different. Additionally, supporting thrift stores contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry.


When it comes to buying clothes in bulk for resale, multiple options are available to suit your preferences and business needs. Wholesale marketplaces, trade shows, clothing districts, online platforms, manufacturer direct approaches, oversupply auctions, and thrift stores all provide opportunities to source clothing inventory. Consider exploring these various avenues to find the best suppliers and create a successful clothing resale business.

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