where to buy dye for clothes

Where to Buy Dye for Clothes

Are you looking to add some color to your wardrobe? It’s time to get creative and experiment with dyeing your clothes! Whether you want to revamp an old garment or add a personalized touch to a plain t-shirt, dyeing can breathe new life into your clothing. In this article, we will guide you on where to buy dye for clothes, ensuring you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

1. Local Craft or Fabric Stores

When searching for dye for clothes, your local craft or fabric store can be a great place to start. These stores usually carry a wide range of dye options, including various colors, types, and brands. Some popular chain stores like Michaels, Joann Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby typically have dedicated sections for dyes and tie-dye kits. They offer both liquid and powder dyes suitable for different fabrics.

where to buy dye for clothes

At these stores, you may also find employees who can help you choose the right dye for your clothing project. They can offer advice and recommendations based on their expertise or personal experience with dyeing clothes. Furthermore, craft stores often have all the necessary accessories such as gloves, rubber bands, and squeeze bottles for dye application.

2. Online Retailers

If you prefer the convenience of shopping from home or have specific dye requirements in mind, online retailers provide an extensive selection of dye for clothes. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy offer a vast array of options. You can easily browse through numerous brands, colors, and types of dyes with just a few clicks.

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Reading customer reviews on these online platforms can be beneficial too, as you can learn more about the quality and results of different dyes. Additionally, some online retailers may offer special deals or discounts, allowing you to save money on your purchase.

3. Local Supermarkets

While you may not find as wide of a selection as in craft or fabric stores, local supermarkets can still be a feasible option for purchasing dye for clothes. Many large supermarket chains have a small section dedicated to laundry and cleaning supplies, where you can find basic fabric dyes in popular colors.

Sometimes, these dyes are available at a lower price compared to specialty stores, making them a budget-friendly choice. However, keep in mind that supermarkets might have limited options, especially when it comes to different dye brands and types. It’s also worth noting that availability may vary depending on your location.

4. Natural or DIY Dyes

If you are environmentally conscious or prefer a more hands-on approach to dyeing, natural or DIY dyes might be the perfect fit for you. These dyes are made from various plants, fruits, or kitchen ingredients, offering an eco-friendly alternative. Common natural dyes include turmeric, beetroot, onion skins, or coffee grounds.

You can purchase natural dyes from specialized online stores or make them yourself at home. Many online platforms provide detailed guides and tutorials on how to extract and use natural dyes effectively. Keep in mind that natural dyes may produce slightly different results compared to commercial dyes and usually work better on natural fibers like cotton or silk.

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5. Dye Manufacturers’ Websites

Another excellent source for buying dye for clothes is the official websites of dye manufacturers. Brands like Rit, Dylon, or Tulip have their own websites where you can explore and purchase their products. These websites often provide a broader range of colors and variations compared to what you might find in physical stores.

Manufacturers’ websites can also be a valuable resource for acquiring information about different types of dyes, suitable fabrics, and even technique suggestions. Some websites may host forums or blogs where you can connect with other dye enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and find inspiration for your next clothing transformation.


Now that you know where to buy dye for clothes, it’s time to unleash your creativity and transform your wardrobe. Whether you choose to visit local craft or fabric stores, explore online retailers, check out your local supermarkets, experiment with natural dyes, or purchase directly from manufacturers’ websites, you have an abundance of options. Dyeing clothes can be a fun and rewarding experience, allowing you to customize your clothing and express your unique style.

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