where to get matric results

Where to Get Matric Results

Are you eagerly awaiting your matric results and wondering where you can find them? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the various ways you can access your matriculation results. From online portals to physical collection points, we have got you covered.

Online Portals

With the advancement of technology, accessing your matric results online has never been easier. There are multiple online portals where you can check your marks with just a few clicks. One popular platform is the official website of your education board. Visit their website and look for the section dedicated to matric results. Enter the required details, such as your roll number and date of birth, to access your results instantly.

where to get matric results

Additionally, there are various educational websites and apps that provide matric results. These platforms often offer extra features, such as result analysis and grade comparisons. Some even send notifications directly to your mobile device when the results are released. Make sure to explore these options and choose the one that suits your preferences.

SMS Services

If you prefer receiving your results via text message, SMS services are a convenient option. Simply send a text message to the designated number provided by your education board. Include your roll number and any other required information in the message. Shortly after, you will receive your matric results directly to your phone. Keep in mind that there may be a small fee charged for using this service.

Call Centers

Some education boards operate call centers to assist students in accessing their matric results. You can call the provided helpline number and provide your details to a customer service representative. They will check the system and share your results with you over the phone. This option is particularly helpful if you have any queries or need clarification about your marks.

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Physical Collection Points

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can personally collect your matric results from designated centers. These collection points are typically set up in schools or other public institutions. A few days after the results are announced, the education board will provide a list of collection centers and their addresses. Visit the center assigned to your school and present your identification documents to receive your results.


Now that you know where to get your matric results, you can prepare for the exhilarating moment of discovering your academic achievements. Whether you choose online portals, SMS services, call centers, or physical collection points, make sure to follow the instructions provided by your education board. Embrace this milestone in your academic journey and celebrate the culmination of your hard work and dedication!

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