where to sell second hand clothing

Where to Sell Second Hand Clothing
where to sell second hand clothing


If you have a closet full of clothes that you no longer wear, why not consider selling them and making some extra cash? Selling second-hand clothing has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the rise of sustainable fashion and online marketplaces. In this article, we will explore different platforms where you can sell your second-hand clothing and help you find the best option for your needs and preferences.

1. Online Marketplaces

One of the most convenient ways to sell second-hand clothing is through online marketplaces. These platforms provide a wide reach and allow you to sell to customers from all around the world. Some popular online marketplaces for selling second-hand clothing include:


eBay is a well-established marketplace where you can sell a variety of items, including clothing. You can create your own listings, set your own prices, and manage the entire selling process. With its large user base, eBay offers great visibility for your products.


Poshmark is a dedicated fashion platform where you can sell clothing, shoes, and accessories. It has a social element, allowing you to follow other users, create personalized boutiques, and engage with potential buyers. Poshmark takes care of the shipping process, making it easy for you to sell your items.


Depop is particularly popular among younger generations and focuses on vintage and unique fashion items. It is known for its vibrant community and easy-to-use interface. Depop allows you to upload photos quickly, write engaging descriptions, and interact with buyers through direct messaging.

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2. Local Facebook Groups

If you prefer selling to people in your local area, Facebook groups can be a great option. Look for groups in your city or region where people buy and sell second-hand items. These groups are usually quite active, and you can reach potential buyers quickly. Simply take clear photos of your clothing, provide details, and arrange for pick-up or local meet-ups.

3. Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are physical shops that sell second-hand clothing on your behalf. They typically pay you a percentage of the selling price once your items are sold. Consignment stores are a good option if you don’t have the time or inclination to sell your clothing online. Research consignment stores in your area and find out their policies and commission rates before submitting your items.

4. Online Consignment Platforms

Similar to brick-and-mortar consignment stores, online consignment platforms handle the selling process for you. However, instead of physically bringing your items to a store, you send them to the platform’s warehouse. They take care of photographing, listing, and shipping your items. Some popular online consignment platforms include ThredUp, The RealReal, and Vestiaire Collective.

5. Garage Sales or Flea Markets

If you enjoy the idea of a traditional garage sale or flea market, you can set up a stall to sell your second-hand clothing. This option allows you to interact directly with potential buyers and negotiate prices. Check local regulations and permits required for hosting a garage sale or participating in a flea market in your area.


Selling your second-hand clothing can not only help you declutter your closet but also earn some extra money. Consider the different options available, such as online marketplaces, local Facebook groups, consignment stores, online consignment platforms, and garage sales. Evaluate which platforms suit your preferences, time availability, and desired level of involvement. By choosing the right selling platform, you can turn your unwanted clothing into cash and contribute to the sustainable fashion movement.

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