which university can i study pilot in south africa

Study Pilot in South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, a country known for its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage. If you have always dreamt of soaring through the skies as a pilot, South Africa offers excellent opportunities to pursue this career path. With its state-of-the-art aviation schools and breathtaking flying conditions, South Africa is an ideal destination for aspiring pilots.

1. University of South Africa

The University of South Africa (UNISA) is one of the top institutions in the country offering a degree in aviation. Their Aviation Department provides a comprehensive program that includes theoretical knowledge, practical flying experience, and simulated flight training. UNISA’s highly qualified instructors and well-equipped training facilities ensure that you receive top-notch education.

which university can i study pilot in south africa

2. Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University, located in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth, offers a Bachelor of Science in Avionics degree. This program focuses on the technical aspects of aviation, including aircraft electronics and communication systems. The university boasts modern avionics laboratories and simulators, allowing you to gain hands-on experience before taking to the skies.

3. Tshwane University of Technology

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), situated in Pretoria, provides an excellent aeronautical engineering program with a pilot option. Through this program, you will learn about aircraft design, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, and aviation safety. TUT collaborates with various aviation industry partners, ensuring that their curriculum is up to date with the latest industry trends.

4. Central University of Technology

The Central University of Technology, located in Bloemfontein, offers a National Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Although this program focuses on aircraft maintenance and engineering, it provides a solid foundation for those interested in becoming pilots. Understanding the technical aspects of aircraft will greatly enhance your flying skills and knowledge.

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5. Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Located in Cape Town, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) offers a comprehensive program in aviation management. This course equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in various aviation-related careers, including piloting. CPUT’s industry connections and internship opportunities give you valuable real-world experience in the aviation industry.

6. Flight Training Organizations

In addition to university programs, South Africa is home to numerous flight training organizations. These institutions provide specialized pilot training and often have partnerships with airlines, giving you a higher chance of securing employment upon completion of your training. Some renowned flight training organizations include the South African National Airways Academy and Airways Aviation Academy.


South Africa offers a wide range of educational opportunities for those aspiring to become pilots. Whether you choose to pursue a degree from a university or opt for specialized flight training, South Africa’s aviation schools provide top-quality education and remarkable flying conditions. With dedication, hard work, and the right training, you can turn your dream of becoming a pilot into a reality in the beautiful and vibrant country of South Africa.

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