why i left christ embassy

Why I Left Christ Embassy
why i left christ embassy

Why I Left Christ Embassy

Christ Embassy, also known as Believer’s LoveWorld Incorporated, is a global megachurch and a Christian denomination founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in Lagos, Nigeria. It has garnered a significant following worldwide with branches in various countries. However, my personal journey with Christ Embassy had its share of challenges and disagreements, leading me to eventually make the decision to leave. In this article, I will share my reasons for departing and the lessons I learned along the way.

1. Lack of Doctrinal Alignment

One of the primary reasons for my departure from Christ Embassy was the lack of doctrinal alignment. As I grew in my understanding of the Bible and my personal relationship with God, I found discrepancies between some of the teachings I encountered within the church and my own interpretation of Scripture. It became increasingly difficult to reconcile these differences, ultimately leading to a sense of disconnection and unease.

2. Unhealthy Focus on Prosperity Theology

While prosperity theology may have its place in the Christian faith, it seemed to dominate the teachings and messaging within Christ Embassy. There was an excessive emphasis on financial blessings, material wealth, and personal success, which often overshadowed other essential aspects of spiritual growth and service to others. This unbalanced focus created a spiritual imbalance, leaving me longing for a more holistic understanding of God’s plan for my life.

3. Manipulative Practices

Another factor that contributed to my decision to leave was the presence of manipulative practices within the church. There seemed to be a pressure to conform to certain expectations, whether it be financial contributions or attendance at various events. This pressure often came across as coercive and left little room for individual discernment or personal growth. Authenticity and genuine spirituality should never be compromised or coerced through manipulative tactics.

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4. Lack of Transparency

Transparency is vital in any organization, including religious institutions. I found that Christ Embassy lacked transparency in various aspects, including financial accountability, decision-making processes, and the handling of controversies surrounding its leadership. This lack of openness and transparency created a growing sense of discomfort and skepticism, ultimately eroding the trust I had initially placed in the church.

5. Ethical Concerns

Throughout my time in Christ Embassy, I became increasingly aware of certain ethical concerns that troubled me. From controversies surrounding the personal lives of some church leaders to questionable practices observed within the church community, these ethical issues deeply impacted my trust and confidence in the organization. As a Christian, I believe in the importance of maintaining high ethical standards, and when those standards are compromised, it becomes challenging to continue in such an environment.


Leaving Christ Embassy was a difficult but necessary decision for me. It allowed me to reflect on my personal beliefs, reassess what truly matters in my spiritual journey, and seek a church community where I felt a stronger connection and alignment with my values. It is essential for individuals to exercise discernment and critical thinking when choosing their spiritual homes, ensuring that there is a genuine alignment in doctrine, ethics, and practices.

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